Boiler Breakdown/Repair

Reputable boiler breakdown/repair available throughout Milton Keynes, Luton and Bedford

If you are experiencing a boiler breakdown or fault and need a reliable repair service, get in touch with Reactive Gas Ltd. We provide an excellent service designed to get your boiler system back up and running. As Gas Safe registered engineers with extensive experience diagnosing and repairing boilers, we have built a solid reputation in our industry. 

To get in touch with one of our qualified heating engineers and for help with gas boiler repair, call Reactive Gas Ltd today on 01525778170. To write to us about a boiler issue that you are experiencing please use our contact page by selecting the button below.

What does our gas boiler repair service cover?

We have you covered for a range of common boiler repairs and can accurate diagnostics and prompt repair for your boiler. The earlier you catch a boiler issue, the better. Leaving boiler problems to develop can sometimes result in highly expensive repairs and can even lead to needing a boiler replacement. Listed below are some of the common boiler issues as well as signs that your boiler is need of repair:

Experiencing low pressure in your boiler system?

A clear sign of low pressure is inadequate heating and your boiler not reacting well to your thermostat. If you think you may be experiencing low pressure, we highly recommend calling a gas safe repair service to investigate the issue. 

Faulty Boiler Pump

A common boiler fault that results in unevenly heated radiators and a louder than normal operating noise from your boiler. Oftentimes, a boiler pump may need to be replaced or cleared of obstructions by a trained heating engineer.

Frozen condensate pipe

A frozen condensate pipe often results in a boiler shut down. A reputable heating engineer can fix this issue as well as preventing the problem from recurring in the colder months of the year. 

Boiler making strange noises? 

Whistling banging or kettling noises coming from your boiler can be an indication of a build-up or blockage in your boiler system. This can result in overheating and excess pressure in your system. It’s highly recommended that you call in a Gas Safe boiler repair service. 

Whatever the boiler issue you are experiencing, Reactive Gas Ltd is on hand to help. 

Need a new boiler installation?

If your boiler is over 12 years old or if you are experiencing frequent breakdowns or problems with your boiler, you may require a boiler replacement. Reactvice Gas Ltd offer competitively priced boiler installation that covers the whole process of getting a new boiler. For more information on our boiler installation service, take a look at our boiler installation page:

Book a boiler repair service in Milton Keynes, Luton or Bedford

For a Gas Safe registered boiler repair service, call Reactive Gas on 01525778170. You can also get in touch via our website’s contact form our contact page. 

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